1 kilo pork meat,ear,intestine,(optional).then 3 to 4 cups pork or beef blood.4 gloves garlic,minced.1onion chop.ginger,minced.3 long green hot pepper.6 table spoon vinegar.2 psc.bay leaves.1 regular size green papaya or sayote(cut into cubes,’optional’).1 can of coconut milk.


In a regular bowl,mix together pork blood and coconut milk and a little bit of vinegar.set a side for a while,….In a pot,add a small amount of cooking oil.Saute garlic,ginger,onion.add pork meat,beef or pork intestine that have tender before.stir once in a while,.continue sauteing untill the liquid absorb and meat start to render,.. add green papaya/sayote salt and black pepper,bay leaves to taste.when vegestable half cook,.turn slowly your fire,.then add the mixture of pork blood and coconut mik…cook in semmer and keep slowly stir,add green hot pepper,..serve while its hot with putong puti.



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